Digital radiography provides the ability to obtain excellent quality films in a digital format. We use the latest sound system which creates clear images for the Veterinarian to see accurately so they can provide a clear diagnosis. Converting to digital radiography allows us to store images as computer files and gives us the ability to email and copy to CD the images so they can be viewed on another computer.


Newmarket Equine offers the ability of ultrasound examinations to be carried out at your property. We have state of the art machines which gives us the ability to store the information in a digital format. Ultrasound is available to assess soft tissue changes including injuries to tendons and ligaments as well as heart and lung scanning.


Newmarket Equine uses a Dynamic Respiratory Endoscope (DRE) to assist our veterinarians to accurately diagnose and treat upper respiratory disorders in horses exercising under normal environmental conditions.


An ECG is a very useful tool in the diagnosis of heart disease as well as monitoring the heart rate and rhythm of critically ill patients. Our Veterinarians are trained to use the equipment to obtain a reading of the horse's heart rhythm. We have an in-house specialist in reading ECGs.


Joint disease/osteoarthritis is characterized by inflammation within the joint that leads to the production of large quantities of inflammatory enzymes that cause further damage. Often the process of joint disease is characterized by inflammation of the joint capsule followed by progressive destruction of the articular cartilage. These pro-inflammatory enzymes actually delay the body's own natural healing response.


Need to insure your investment? Our qualified and registered Veterinarians can examine your horse and provide you with a Certificate of Examination for Mortality Insurance Purposes which you then forward on to your chosen insurance company.


Lameness examinations are conducted on your property where our veterinarians can provide professional services in the horse's own environment. The Veterinarian can then design a treatment plan and provide further diagnostic tests should they be required.


Our clinic provides full services of Pathology by using an external Pathologist who treats our clinic with priority to enable us to obtain same day results for blood samples submitted. Other samples may take up to 24-48 hours before we are able to provide our clients with results.


We provide a full pre-purchase service which includes a complete clinical examination, endoscopic examination, digital radiographs and ultrasound. We provide a full written report advising any findings with professional opinions. Please contact the office for full costing details for this service.


PlateletRich Plasma (PRP) is a new treatment providing positive results in research and practical outcomes in both human and equine applications.  Platelets are best known for their role in initiating blood clotting however they have also been found to be a rich source in promoting healing.  PRP has many growth factors with varying actions. Some of these growth factors accelerate tissue and wound healing and they promote healing via a regenerative process rather than a reparative process (scar tissue).


Working together with Inglis, Newmarket Equine are committed to servicing clients at all Inglis Sales at Oaklands Junction, Victoria. Our vets are available on site to treat horses and also service clients with professional opinions and viewing X-Rays. Our clinic is contracted to Inglis to perform all endoscopy services when a horse has been sold through the auction ring. We provide coloured certificate photographs from the video endoscope for the purchaser of the horse.


All thoroughbreds need to be micro-chipped and registered with the Australian Stud Book before they are able to get onto the racetrack. Please contact the Australian Stud Book to obtain the relevant forms and then contact us to complete the procedure for you.


Shock wave therapy (also referred to as ESWT - extracorporeal shock wave therapy) is a treatment available for numerous conditions including tendon injuries, sesamoiditis, non-union fractures, proximal suspensory desmitis in both the forelimb and hind limb, suspensory branch attachments, back pain including kissing spines and muscle damage, distal hock joint pain and curbs, muscle attachments to bone including avulsions of muscles connected to the pelvis and distal limb ligament damage.


Video endoscopy is used to assess the upper respiratory tract of performance horses.

Our video endoscope is mainly used for pre and post-sale laryngeal examination of racehorses sold at sales. Videos can be recorded and kept for analysis as well as being copied onto DVD.


Newmarket Equine invested in a video gastroscope system in 2011. This gives the clinic the ability to investigate the stomach lining of a horse to ascertain whether there is any damage or the presence of ulcers.


Newmarket Equine provides a full service of Yearling X-Rays for clients by taking a full series of 34 images and submit them to the sale's repository on your behalf. We use new digital radiographic equipment which can be uploaded onto the sales website (Inglis or Magic Millions) for other registered Veterinarians to view over the internet.